My Jio App – Download to Manage Jio Account

While a lot of us like to fill every last byte of space on our mobile phones up with games, music, movies, and multimedia in general, the My Jio app is definitely worthy of taking away some of that space. As a key utility application available on both the Apple app store and the Google Play store (making it available on both iOS and Android devices), My Jio holds many values. The app itself can be used as a general portal to the other applications offered by the developers, Jio. However, in this article we are going to take a look at the main features which it has to offer.

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My Jio App is a portal to other Jio applications

As briefly mentioned above, the developers have many other applications to offer and use the My Jio app as their central app which can be used as a portal to these other applications. Some of the other apps which they have to offer consist of:

– Jio Play
– Jio On Demand
– Jio Beats
– Jio Mags

Among others, these are just a few of the apps that Jio has to offer and which can be accessed through the central My Jio application.

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Usage Tracking
Having your mobile phone on a contract is becoming an increasingly popular thing to have, although with a contract comes limitations. The main limitations which we see are SMS limits, a limit on the number of minutes which you can call, and data limits. Each of these things is usually reset each month, although depending on your limits it’s important to keep a track of them throughout the month.

If you go over any of the limits in place during the contract, you will be billed by your provider and will have to pay a fee. With the My Jio app, you don’t have to worry about this. You are able to track the amount of data that you have used that month, the number of text messages which you have sent, and even the number of minutes that you have spent calling someone. As if that isn’t enough, you are also able to check out which applications are using the most data so that if you notice you are using an increasing amount of data, you can get rid of the application causing it!

Account Management
As mentioned above, Jio has a lot of other applications to offer. With multiple applications comes multiple logins. That is why with the My Jio app, you are able to connect all of your Jio accounts in one place so that you can easily manage each account without having to go through the repetitive process of logging out of one account and back into another.

Bill Payment

With the My Jio app, you are able to easily manage all of the payments that you make on your phone as well as for your phone. Rather than having to go out of your way each month to pay your phone bill, set up a recurring payment (auto payment) to ensure that you never miss a payment and that your phone bill as paid on time each month.

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Usage Statements

Following on from the previous “Usage Tracking” feature, if you begin to notice that your monthly usages are close to your limit then the My Jio app will provide you with a detailed breakdown of each usage to show you how and what has pushed you towards the limit. This will help you prevent closing in on that limit next month and could even be the difference between you going over the limit, and not.

My Jio App – Download to Manage Jio Account
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